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Wizzor is about you, family, friends, place of worship, business, and neighborhood.

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Mobile application

Wizzor – the app for doing everything you need.

Social integration

Wizzor is ideal for small and local businesses, clubs, associations, and communities.

Ecommerce addons

Wizzor allows you to keep contact with customers by Notices and Chat Groups.

About our application

We protect your privacy.

Wizzor is a fee-based service with No Data Mining or Selling of Information to Third Parties! No unwanted advertising.


All about local food and hosting.

VoIP, Video Calling and Chat

Conneect with other members.


Finding important messages.


Contact your local customers, organizations, groups, and friends.


From your local Neighborhood and around the World!

Contact List

Create personal and customer list and use them anywhere within the App.